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Emma & Fred (Membership Officers)

If you would like any further information please contact Emma or Fred, The Membership Officer’s at info@belfasthog.com

* Chapter Membership runs from Jan’-Dec’ each year, H.O.G. EU membership runs from the date that you join H.O.G. EU.

More than simply an organisation, the local Chapter is a place where people who share your passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles can come together and … well; share their passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Every Chapter, sponsored by the local Harley Davidson dealership has its own way of doing that, by meeting together, riding together, playing together – whatever the members decide is the best way to ride and have fun. – Part of H.O.G. Family

You must be a current member of H.O.G. EU to be a valid member of the Chapter and need to provide your H.O.G. EU membership number on your Chapter application form (applies to both Full and Associate Chapter membership).

When a rider purchases a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle they are given their first years’ membership to International HOG free, after this they renew their subscription annually. Alternatively, any Harley-Davidson motorcycle owner can apply to join the International HOG by providing their motorcycle VIN number and the appropriate membership fee. So, any owner of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can be an International HOG member. Non Harley-Davidson owners or riders are also able to join as Associate Members, but must be sponsored by an existing HOG international member. More information and membership forms can be found at

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What is the dealer involvement?

The Belfast Chapter operates on a self funding basis (your subscriptions and income from events will enable the Chapter to grow and offer further events and benefits to members). Belfast Harley-Davidson are the sponsors of the Chapter and have helped support the setting up of our local chapter.  Belfast Harley-Davidsn will continue to have close involvement with both the running of the Chapter and its events. The dealer is responsible for ensuring that the chapter operates in accordance with the “Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters” and H.O.G. operating policies and can also suspend or revoke memberships.It is important that all members are familiar with the Chapter H.O.G. Charter – Click here to view the 2014 H.O.G Charter

Chapter membership is valid from Jan’-Dec’ each year*. Anyone joining in Nov’-Dec’ will have membership until the end of the following year; i.e. 13-14 months. The type of chapter membership available to current HOG EU members are:

  • Full membership: £30 (£25 if paid before 41st January)

We are all in the chapter to ride and have fun, but it is important that guidelines are observed, especially on Chapter ride-outs and group events, so to this end we have introduced a Chapter membership card to identify those members with current H.O.G. membership and valid Chapter membership. As Membership Officer I maintain the Chapter database of names addresses and contact details – if any of these change, please let me know, otherwise you may not receive your minutes or information on events etc.

Download a copy of the Belfast Chapter charter