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Colin McLearnon


I was privileged to be elected Chapter Director and I would like to thank all our members for their support. We are all working hard to build and improve our Chapter and to become more successful.

Look through the pages and feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Don’t forget to visit again for further updates.
Enjoy the site – ride and have fun – we certainly do.

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Telephone: 07795 431246

Robbin McMinn

Assistant Director

The Assistant Director assists the Director as requested, and deputises in his absence. He promotes HOG to potential members and informs members of HOG activities and benefits.

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Gary Kidd


The Treasurer collects chapter dues, manages all chapter funds and reports financial transactions to members. He maintains a running comparison of year on year financial records for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.

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Agnes Lamey


The Secretary oversees the administrative needs of the chapter and keeps minutes of all chapter meetings, including the AGM. She ensures that all insurance requirements are met, and that chapter members have current UK HOG membership.

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Emma McClenaghan & Fred Bothwell

Membership Officers

The Membership Officer is responsible for ensuring all chapter members are current HOG members, and that a chapter enrolment form is signed and completed for each member on an annual basis. It is important that all members are familiar with the Annual Charter for HOG Chapters. The membership Officer also maintains the Chapter database of names addresses and contact details – if any of these change, please let me know, otherwise you may not receive your minutes or information on events etc.

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Gerry and Roberta Thompson

Merchandise Officers

The Merchandise Officers maintains stocks of appropriate and approved HOG merchandise which members and visitors want to purchase. He promotes and sells the merchandise at meetings and at our annual rally.

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Michael Morrow

Head Road Captain and Webmaster

The Head Road Captain and Assistant Road Captain manage the team of Road Captains and help to plan and manage chapter rideouts. They help to keep members informed about rideouts and provides information on group riding techniques and any hand signals to be used by the chapter on rideouts.

The Webmaster is responsible for the overall maintenance of the HOG website.He obtains photographs and written material to promote awareness of HOG activities and benefits to members and potential members, and ensures that the site is updated regularly. An accurate and current website can be achieved only through swift communication of afore mentioned articles from both Officers and Members to Webmaster.

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Elvin Leech

Safety Officer

The role of the safety officer is to work alongside the road captains in the planning of rideouts and to advise members, old and new, on safe riding techniques. Click here to read more info on Safer Riding


Harry Dunwoody


The Photographer takes and organizes chapter photos for the website, for chapter publications, for HOG News and for a chapter history album.


Helen Heron


The role of the Editor is to assist in creating written content for the website, for chapter publications, for HOG News and for HOG Magazine.

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Judith Ringland

Ladies of Harley Officer

The Role of the Ladies of Harley Officer is encouraging women members to take an active part in Chapter activities.

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